Why should an SMB use Digital Marketing?

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Why should an SMB use Digital Marketing?

These numbers illustrate the extensive reach and the scale at which people are connecting with U.S. small businesses on Social Media.

Why Should SMBs Use Facebook Advertising?

Why should SMBs use Facebook Marketing?

Facebook helps businesses amplify their word-of-mouth marketing, and studies show that people interact with their favorite brands on Facebook more than on any other social network.

All that a small business needs to do is to create a Social Media page. The potential reach of a Facebook page is huge. Your activity and interaction on the social network give you a chance to “humanize” your company. You can build a community on your Facebook page, which can increase customers’ loyalty and make them more likely to recommend your services.

A  Facebook page helps you add features that can’t be easily implemented on your website. You can build a custom page, run contests and promotions, and manage a small e-commerce shop.

Facebook pages, promoted posts and highly targeted ads, all are tailor-made for SMBs as they eliminate complexities, reduce costs and help SMBs target their local audience.

However, more than 50 percent of small business owners use Facebook pages to promote their products, but only 16 percent use Facebook ads, according to a research firm specializing in local advertising.

To make its advertising popular among businesses, Facebook is taking the following measures:

Currently, marketers don’t know whether they should opt for ‘Like’ ad or ‘Sponsored’ story. Soon Facebook will give you options for objectives (page likes, gain more viewers for video, get more foot traffic), which will help you choose ad model best suited for your business plan.

Facebook has just scratched the surface, and you can expect more initiatives from it to make it the most attractive marketing platform for SMBs.

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