SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Combining the old with the new! The SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) merges traditional content management, advanced social capabilities, and a powerful search ability all in one platform. Its familiar interface provides tools similar to Microsoft Office, so the sky’s the limit! The result of utilizing ECM is having well-managed information that is easy to find, share, and use. A user can set up compliance policies, while its clear interface lets them work just as they use Microsoft Office products. This product is so good, we replaced our manager with a robot overlord and loaded ECM into his robot brain.

“But what else does it do?” you ask. Well, luckily we can answer it with the article you’re reading right now!


Your organizations can leverage ECM as well for:

– Web content management and publishing

– Business document processing

– Enhanced authoring

– Records management

– Policy management

– Support for multilingual publishing.


“Is there anything else? I need more than that!” you scream into the sky. Fret not, as we have more information!


Our SharePoint ECM Solution is capable of providing you:

– Highly intuitive and user-friendly dashboard for managing sites, people and resources.

– Ability to directly access all of your files.

– Create tasks and assign them to other members with progress tracking.

– Online document and file sharing with document check-in and check-out.

– Efficient document collaboration and versioning.

– Uploader that handles uploading of entire file folders and subfolders recursively.

– Metadata enhancer for automatically tagging files and metadata fields during upload process

– Single or batch exporting of  image and video files with editing tools.

– Discussion forum and shared team calendar.

– Cross browser compatibility.

– No software, plug-ins or additional hardware required, it’s just you and your favorite browser.

“Stop quoting me,” you say? Well don’t worry as we have even more information!


Key Benefits Include:
(Per Microsoft SharePoint Team)

Increase Productivity and Information Value – Closely connected to Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010 Content provides a very similar experience, but with more to offer. We designed the software for you to be comfortable with, which allows it to be easily used for efficiently managing your work.

Drive Compliance and Reduce Risk – SharePoint 2010 Content makes it easy to tag content, enforce retention schedules, declare records, and apply legal holds. With these measures, you can address the need for compliance and reduce the risk of mistakes when information is archived or disposed.

Fewer Systems and Easier Integration – SharePoint 2010 manages documents, records, web content, and rich media on a single platform, helping you reduce IT costs. Using interoperability standards like CMIS, XML, and REST to connect to legacy ECM systems, SharePoint 2010 also helps your company get more value from its current investments.

Today business processes several pieces of paper a day, as that includes – Client correspondence, application forms, emails, faxes, invoices, purchase orders, etc. This results in heavy postage, storage, search, and retrieval costs. ECM provides an effective and cost-efficient way to securely capture, exchange, and manage the information generated and contained in a paper document

Having trouble understanding why ECM is the greatest thing in existence? That’s ok, we are always willing to go into further detail, just contact us!