What just happen to businesses on WIX?


If your website was built with the online website builder, Wix, you may be noticing a recent dip in user activity due to a recent issue causing numerous sites powered by Wix to drop off the Google index.  Hundreds of thousands of sites powered by Wix recently dropped off the Google index. (Commonly referred to as dropping off the edge of the earth!) which has been just as good as closing their digital doors.


Because all Wix sites use one main platform. Individual webmasters like WIX experiences much less flexibility and control than they would with a personalized platform. When the Wix platform starts having problems, all Wix sites are likely to suffer a similar fate.

What can you do?

Sit and wait. Until Google starts re-indexing (In the processing now) you’ll be losing money and customers to other companies whose sites are up and running.

How about WordPress or maybe Drupal?

Building your own platform through web management tools like WordPress is a great alternative to sites like Wix that hinder individualization and give you limited control. Start out right and don’t spend all of your free time trying to catch up with expanding technologies. Especially if you are a new brand. Start right from the beginning. It’s invaluable to have a strong website that allows you to own your content, and create your own destiny.

If you are in business, here are 4 tips we recommend for your website from the SEO perspective –

  1. Flash Technology (Not mobile or SEO friendly)

Some of the website builder tools create websites on Flash technology, which is the enemy of web prosperity. Many phones and tablets don’t even display it. Don’t make it hard for your customers to use your site on a phone or tablet. That’s where most of your customers are shopping these days!

  1. Google does NOT like some website builder tools (Anti SEO)

Your website does not rank well because of the flash drive away users. Essentially, some builder tools make it harder for your customers to find your website. In addition, your site will not be search engine optimized. And, you will soon realize that was an expensive mistake!

  1. Websites that load slowly (Poor user experience)

Some website builders are usually slower than those built on HTML. How long do you wait for a site to load? As technology speeds up, customers have less patience. Having to wait for more than 10 seconds is something none of us are used to anymore. Search engines penalize slow moving sites because they provide poor user experiences. That’s not a good thing!

  1. Free websites builder tools can end up being very expensive!

The website builder tools are not cheap! Some start at $5 to $10 a month, about $50  to $ 120 per/year. That is the most basic plan. Sound good right? Well, everything has a cost. What are the costs of adding on? The hidden costs? What is the hidden cost of learning to operate the system? Why start with a system whose basic structure is built on Flash technology?

Better Alternatives

Develops a responsive, custom websites and optimize business websites for Google Crawlers and Mobile devices making it easy for potential customers can find you. Use structured SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to market your products and/or services. Like, Keyword Research and Selection, Competitor Analysis, Website Structure Verification, and many, many more.

If you want to “own” your website, in a stable ecosystem, it’s a no-brainer to go with a platform that gives you more flexibility and to keep your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) under YOUR control! Your website represents your brand and your site needs to be as awesome as you and your business are.


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